Can I use it??? …Copyright…

As David points out; “we’ve all probably already done it“.  Ooops, I sure have.

So my new challenge is to fulfill standard 4.5 and understand and apply strategies to ensure ethical use of ICT in my future assignments and when working in the classroom.

So what can we use?  This blog gives a great list to abide by. She explains examples of when we can use information of others and when we can’t.

I knew that they was some leniency for students when using for research and study.  But I didn’t quite realise all of the details.  As a student when using for research and study, we can copy 10% of the page of a book or a single article. When looking at the Copyright Guide for Students I noticed 5 factors that really interested me:

  1. Is it really for study/research?
  2. The nature of the material.
  3. If it is possible to obtain commercially then it is not ‘fair’ to publish for free.
  4. The effect on others if available commercially.
  5. The amount copied – it is fairer to copy a small amount, not a large amount.

One thing I didn’t find in the information was whether YouTube is allowed to be referred to.  YouTube users who publish publicly on YouTube are obviously allowing anyone to view it.  So I would assume that any YouTube clips would be fine.  I have seen many teachers use YouTube – whether introducing a lesson or on a rainy day.


The University of Sydney. (2014). Copyright for students. Retrieved from


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