Another reflection …..

I didn’t think it would happen, but I have come to the end of Week 3 of EDC3100 and actually completed all of the activities expected so far.  Of course, this is at the expense of other subjects (oops).

The experience:  This week we learned how ICT and Pedagogy can be used. 

My personal experience:  I found this week extremely enjoyable.  I love the cartoon clip demonstrating how technology can simply be used as a replacement.  A lot of the information this week confirmed what I already believed but explained it in a way that I haven’t been able to.  Interestingly, the picture that David included “the ten most powerful two letter words – IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME”, my parents had a sign in their house of these ten words in their office when I was a kid – oh the flashbacks!!

My critical analysis:  Personally, I have seen many teachers use technology simply as a replacement to how they would normally teach.  I have seen one teacher, who advocates using technology in her classroom, purely replacing what she could do without it.  For example, in her Prep class the lesson was how two numbers can make ‘ten’.  So she drew a line down her interactive whiteboard and drew six small boxes on one side and four on the other side.  The children could then come up and do the same, but it might be 5 and 5.  Whilst the children seem to enjoy this, some children were getting bored on the mat while waiting.  This activity could all be done with blocks on the floor and then you could have the whole class active at the same time.  So I do sometimes scratch my head how technology is used and if there is, in fact, any advantage.

Taking perspectives:  I could see how some people may think their lesson is an advantage/enhancement and others wouldn’t.  So I guess there is always that difference in opinion.  A lot of large schools these days have teachers of the same year level working collaboratively.  One option to strengthen lessons would be to have their peer teacher evaluate the lesson using the R.A.T App

Outcome:  I absolutely love the concept of the R.A.T. method.  This self-assessment will be extremely useful for future lessons.  It is important to remember that is is not necessarily the technology that is being evaluated but how the user uses the technology (the Pedagogy).





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