Quick Quiz Week 4

Oh how the quick quiz in week 4 made me smile.  I was thinking, “gee, what do we need to know”  and then it was three very simple mathematical questions. Thanks David.

I was going through some blogs as I begin to stress about assignment 2 and notice Emma Mcvean’s very useful blog on Stage 1.  Thanks Emma!!

Oh, how busy life is.  And how much to do…..

Keep plodding.  The life of a teacher-to-be….

Formative and summative assessment…

It is hard to think back at past Practical experiences and think about what formative and summative assessments I have witnessed.

The easier ones that spring to mind are summative:  Year 2 students presenting to the class information they had discovered about an area in the world.  They had to do up their own own page assignment, speak for two minutes in front of the class and show the place on the world map.  It could be a place in Australia or overseas.

Formative assessment is harder to ascertain.  As David Jones mentions here ; formative assessment is explicit feedback against criteria.  I can’t think of actually witnessing this off the top of my head.  It will be something I may need to focus on at my next practical experience to see if I can see the teacher doing this.

I read Cassandra Newton‘s reflection on assessment and can relate to her lack of familiarity with formative and summative assessment.  But that is what we are here to learn 🙂


Constructing and transforming knowledge…

I am way behind, but getting through Week 4 work (ooh, that sounds bad!!)

I have in my head what I would like to plan for the unit plan.  My place is Year 4 Science.

But one of my content descriptors comes from ‘Science as a human endeavour’.  The content descriptor really could be both constructing and transforming.  Oh dear…

Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions (ACSHE062)

I will have to have more of a look at the elaborations to see which way I will go.

Good luck!

Catching up!!!

Well I appreciate Theresa Rafter‘s blog on catching up in the holidays.  And that is always the plan, isn’t it?  But I had put all of my effort into 3100 that the holidays were spent doing another subject 😦  😦

Now, I am madly playing catch up.  Life seems like a catch up sometimes.  This isn’t an educational link, but I found this great blog from a Mum and the quick read that I had found lots of great time-management ideas for us busy Mums.  The sad thing is, I don’t have time to go through it all properly.  But I will try and come back to it.

Meanwhile, I guess just prioritizing is the key for me at the moment!  With four kids, two businesses, busy work and study – life gets crazy!!!  Time to take a breath…. and get into assignment 2.