Practical Placement ….

Well, now two weeks into Prac.  Loving every minute of it.  I was super nervous about having Year 6 (I don’t know why!), but I am loving it.

The hugest hurdle for me during this time, has been that I have HAD NO INTERNET AT HOME!!!!!  Now, this would be hard in today’s society any time.  But being a Uni student – Aargh!!, being on Prac preparing lessons Double Aargh!!, completing an ICT subject and expected to prepare lessons on Prac involving ICT – Triple Aargh!!!.  Not impressed Telstra!  Anyway, somehow I have survived, will pay big time because I used my phone so much instead on home computer.  Am super behind in ICT subject and other subject, but it is on now, finally.  Telstra sent me a new modem.  What a stressful week!

Anyway, back to Prac.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement. My mentor works me very hard, but involves me in everything, which is great because it is real.  I am loving it.   My mentor just happens to be the ICT specialist within the school I am placed at.  So this is interesting.  Every Wednesday, he has time away from his class to teach other classes (with their teacher) ICT.  This enables the class to learn ICT but also the teacher.  I was able to sit in on one of these lessons (Year 4) and they were learning Scratch.  This is super cool.  The Year 6’s have also been using Scratch and will complete an assessment on a maze game created through Scratch.

I also attended a seminar during the week (not to do with Prac), but at the seminar they discussed Makey Makey kits.  This was very interesting as well.

In my lessons, I have been able to show some Youtube clips, use the interactive boards, and learn so much how to teach whilst using ICT (either through the teacher or the students 🙂 ).

I hope everyone is enjoying their Pre-Service placement also.  I have a very busy teaching week to finish off my placement this coming week.  Here we go…………….

Great sharing ….

It is so nice to see such great sharing amongst us.  When we all have the same passion and aim to be fantastic teachers, it is great to share the ideas amongst our peers.

Jacqueline’s post shows how proactive she is, as she has set up an area for resources for assignment 3. Whilst she mentioned that her class that she is going to for PE doesn’t have much technology available, Jacqueline remains positive and is trying to find ways  to add ICT to her teaching.  Good luck on Prac Jacqueline!

I had a great time looking through information that Fletch had provided.  Fletch provided lots of interactive games  that we could incorporate into class.  They looked to be quite engaging and fun for the students.

Thank you friends for sharing your fabulous finds.  🙂

Another activity – week 4

So we need to complete ‘one more activity’ in week 4.

I will have a go, but I don’t know if I will remember how to post to the Diigo group….

My unit for assignment 2 will be for Year 4 Science.  It will be about waste management.

My ideas for my possible unit for assignment 2 are to firstly discover what we locally do with rubbish.  Then students will research Australia.  Then, using the internet, students will research what different countries do with their waste.  I also though that maybe students could Skype a school in another country to discuss their waste management in their school and compare.  They could ask questions etc.  I don’t even know if this would be doable, but these are my ideas.

Now, to see if I can post this on Feedly…….

Assignment struggles….

Oh, how I can relate to Kim Wilson’s procrastination cycle!!  When life is so busy, it is super easy to procrastinate and leave things until the last minute.  But when it happens regularly, it does become a little depressing 😦

Kim did learn a helpful tip from Mr. Clancy who has a blog called ‘My Assignment Secret‘.  He has learnt through the duration of his studies to write 300 words a day.  This sounds do-able and once you get on a roll, the information just comes flowing. So, essentially, we would write more than 300 words.  Clever!!

Many Universities have some assignment tips…. Here is one bit of advice.  Many more out there 🙂   Good luck…



Upcoming practical placement…

It was so nice to find out where our placement is so early.  In previous subjects I have only found out 5 days before having to start.  Knowing earlier has allowed me to contact my mentor teacher.  Unfortunately, like Amy Stoneley, I haven’t received a response yet.  But I know how busy teachers are, so I haven’t given up.  I am hoping to be able to go in and meet him and the class.

I did learn something from Amy’s post though .. I didn’t realise that we could wear USQ tops.  I would have left too late by now.  But I think that is a great idea.  By wearing the USQ polo tops, we would show who we are, where we are from but also eliminate the unnecessary worry of looking professional/what to wear.  A great thought that I might consider for next time, thanks Amy.  🙂

Anyway, I shall worry about Prac after Tuesday night 😉