I have enjoyed the concept of blogging our experiences of our learning journey.   I stumbled across Lee’s blogspot.  From reading some of her blogs, I discovered Primary Tech and LOVED her pedagogical beliefs for teaching.   Here is a great saying from her site:

Teacher Posters-Teacher Posters - Inspirational Poster - If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow(–inspirational-poster–if-we-teach-todays-students-as-we-taught-yesterdays_we-rob-them-of-tomorrow_84.html)

Also, this is a great video from Year 2 students explaining the benefits of blogging within the classroom.  They start everyday with 20 minutes of checking and writing blogs.  The teacher incorporates many different learning aspects into the experience (Literacy, Numeracy, Geography etc) .  These students have also learned a lot about Internet Safety, which is very prevalent in today’s society. Amazing!!!  This is so cool.  But I would love to see this in action first hand.  It is also great that parents can see what the children are up to 🙂

Happy blogging…….

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