End of Prac ….

Well, it has been a week since I finished my Professional Placement.  Like Denise I always find it sad to leave the children that I have got to know.  I have loved all of my placements.  Before this placement, I was able to meet my mentor and class and discover some of the class expectations.  This was fantastic, as I have never had this opportunity before.  Interestingly, on my visit, the teacher had another Prac student.  He allowed me the opportunity to speak with her as well.  I found it funny, that her opinion of the class was so different to what the teacher has expressed to me.  She found the class very difficult to work with and was glad to be finishing her time.  I was appreciative of having the opportunity to speak with her.  But I do like to make up my own mind about people.  So armed with her advice, I started my first day.  But I loved it.  So it is amazing for two Prac students to have such different experiences.  And I guess that is what it is all about.

During the three weeks, I have taught year 6 all of their Maths experiences, some English lessons, some History lessons, a couple of Geography sessions, umpired Touch Football (a new thing for me!) and even been involved with a WellBeing session that the school has in place for Year 6s where you have conversations about dating and the opposite sex (girls in one class, boys in the other).  My mentor teacher has worked me very hard – but I love it.  My husband is glad to have the glazed look out of my eyes.  I was up very late preparing for the next day.  One day I prepared and prepared and then arrived to class to have it wiped – and that is why teachers need to be flexible.  I was okay with that 🙂  It was still good to prepare the lesson, even though I didn’t get to deliver that one.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my Professional Placement I, like Tara, am glad to stop all of the last minute preparations that needs to happen when on Prac to have the lesson organised and well-planned.  And once this next assignment is finished i might get a little more sleep than usual.  Bring that on…………….




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