Digital Citizenship …..

I am a bit behind, but at least I am still giving it all a go.  So I am up to my blog on Digital Citizenship.  I believe my knowledge on the digital world is quite limited and consider myself quite conservative.  I don’t have Facebook or other popular social media programs.  However I have shopped online, use email regularly.  I am aware of scams etc.  Very regularly we received emails from Banks or even Telstra saying that we need to contact them and have a link for us to press.  I ignore and delete these message immediately.  I would HATE some virus or similar to get into the computer.  Oh, how terrible!!!!

I understand ethical use of ICT within my personal life and also when having students use ICT at schools.  They must always sign in and log out themselves.  If someone notices a site that does not adhere to the school rules and values, students must tell the teacher.

Okay, here goes.   Bring on the quizzes…..

BULLYING  …  Well, now that quiz just proved the above details to be true.  I only received 1 out of 4.  So sad.  I am obviously not ‘up with’ the cyber-bullying aspect of school life.

CYBERSAFETY … I think this is a great quiz for children to complete.  In fact, when I was on Prac, my Year 6 class were completing their Digital License, which had a similar system and questions.  Those who complete the Digital License receive a certificate.  They can then use this certificate to take to high school with them to show their new high school that they know cybersafety. The teacher (my mentor) was making his personal challenge to encourage all students to achieve this by the end of the year.  Two students had achieved it so far.  🙂

I enjoyed completing these quizzes and feel I am more knowledgeable because of them.  I believe they would be quite useful for children and even people who do not have a high knowledge of using social media and computers in general (some of the older generation).

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