Leaving it until the end……

I tend to start my semester off with all great intentions – “this semester i will keep up with all tutorials, modules, meetings etc etc”  and I will start assignments early so that I am not stressed at the end………..

I love the way David has this subject laid out for us.  I love that when I complete a task it gets ticked off for me – one less thing for me to tick off.  But then the posts come through the forums of people asking about assignments, even before we have commenced work in the semester, and that makes me very confused.  I can’t get me head around an assignment until I really know what the examiner is asking.  And then, before I know it there is a week left and I haven’t started.  The biggest thing is to get my head around the assignment, then getting started.  Once started, I can power through it – as I have done the background work.  Phew!  It is so exhausting and stressful.  I read today of how Chelsea feels stressed at getting the end completed and I can totally relate. This one is massive, it is easy to understand because it is very relevant – all about our Prac, but still massive all the same 🙂  Keep working Chelsea, as I will, and hopefully we will get there 🙂

Thanks to David for a well structured subject.


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