Week 10

So much to learn this week (week 10) – even though totally behind 😦

From cyber-bullying, Digital Citizenship to learning more about IWBs.  I found learning about IWBs very informative – because it is relevant and practical.  I am fully engaged when learning something practical that I can see how it will help in real life.  This is how I teach as well,  I always try to find the relevance in the concept being taught.  I find a way to relate the concept to the students’ lives.  For example, teaching angles can be relating to a future job but also in their current lives playing video games such as Angry Birds etc.

I am getting distracted, back to bullying. I read Tenille’s blog with sadness.  It is hard to go through bullying at a young age.  I was always the kid to help the bullied victim.  I have never understood why children (or people in general, actually) find the need to bully.  And it is often over the craziest things.  My eldest son is well liked amongst his peers and always has been.  So he had never been picked on and then finally in Grade 6 they picked on him because he ate whole tomatoes.  He had done it for years, and all of a sudden I wasn’t allowed to pack them – silly.  Lucky for him it didn’t last long.  He is now in Year 9 and on the weekend he told my husband how he gets paid out about our car!!!!!  Seriously kids…. get a life.

Cyber-bullying takes it to another level- because we (parents, teachers) don’t get to see it as much.  I had my cousin stay with us a few years ago while she did years 10, 11 and 12.  She boarded with us.  That was an eye-opener – having a teenager when my kids were still young.  But she got bullied through text messages etc.  She thought she had friends and then discovered the hard way that they weren’t her friends.  Life is tough…..

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