My name is Bernadette. I am a busy Mum of four very active and busy children.  My eldest is in high school – Year 9.  Then I have three in Primary school – Year 4, 3 and Prep.  Last year I started work as a Teacher’s Aide and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!  I love working with children all day – LOVE IT.  My holidays are even spent with all of my nieces and nephews at my place for weeks – so much fun!

I also have my own dance studio – highland dancing.  This keeps me very busy.  Lessons a few times a week, weekends in Brisbane for competitions and workshops.  And I also hold a successful annual competition in May and an international Championship every November.

And then there is studying…….  I started studying in 2012, so I have done four years and am finally half way.  With everything I do, I can not do four subjects a semester.  Phew!!!  I am specialising in Primary Education.  I can’t wait to be a Teacher – I just wish I could get there quicker!

I am looking to learning how ICT can enhance our teaching.



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