Week 10

So much to learn this week (week 10) – even though totally behind 😦

From cyber-bullying, Digital Citizenship to learning more about IWBs.  I found learning about IWBs very informative – because it is relevant and practical.  I am fully engaged when learning something practical that I can see how it will help in real life.  This is how I teach as well,  I always try to find the relevance in the concept being taught.  I find a way to relate the concept to the students’ lives.  For example, teaching angles can be relating to a future job but also in their current lives playing video games such as Angry Birds etc.

I am getting distracted, back to bullying. I read Tenille’s blog with sadness.  It is hard to go through bullying at a young age.  I was always the kid to help the bullied victim.  I have never understood why children (or people in general, actually) find the need to bully.  And it is often over the craziest things.  My eldest son is well liked amongst his peers and always has been.  So he had never been picked on and then finally in Grade 6 they picked on him because he ate whole tomatoes.  He had done it for years, and all of a sudden I wasn’t allowed to pack them – silly.  Lucky for him it didn’t last long.  He is now in Year 9 and on the weekend he told my husband how he gets paid out about our car!!!!!  Seriously kids…. get a life.

Cyber-bullying takes it to another level- because we (parents, teachers) don’t get to see it as much.  I had my cousin stay with us a few years ago while she did years 10, 11 and 12.  She boarded with us.  That was an eye-opener – having a teenager when my kids were still young.  But she got bullied through text messages etc.  She thought she had friends and then discovered the hard way that they weren’t her friends.  Life is tough…..

Digital Citizenship …..

I am a bit behind, but at least I am still giving it all a go.  So I am up to my blog on Digital Citizenship.  I believe my knowledge on the digital world is quite limited and consider myself quite conservative.  I don’t have Facebook or other popular social media programs.  However I have shopped online, use email regularly.  I am aware of scams etc.  Very regularly we received emails from Banks or even Telstra saying that we need to contact them and have a link for us to press.  I ignore and delete these message immediately.  I would HATE some virus or similar to get into the computer.  Oh, how terrible!!!!

I understand ethical use of ICT within my personal life and also when having students use ICT at schools.  They must always sign in and log out themselves.  If someone notices a site that does not adhere to the school rules and values, students must tell the teacher.

Okay, here goes.   Bring on the quizzes…..

BULLYING  …  Well, now that quiz just proved the above details to be true.  I only received 1 out of 4.  So sad.  I am obviously not ‘up with’ the cyber-bullying aspect of school life.

CYBERSAFETY … I think this is a great quiz for children to complete.  In fact, when I was on Prac, my Year 6 class were completing their Digital License, which had a similar system and questions.  Those who complete the Digital License receive a certificate.  They can then use this certificate to take to high school with them to show their new high school that they know cybersafety. The teacher (my mentor) was making his personal challenge to encourage all students to achieve this by the end of the year.  Two students had achieved it so far.  🙂

I enjoyed completing these quizzes and feel I am more knowledgeable because of them.  I believe they would be quite useful for children and even people who do not have a high knowledge of using social media and computers in general (some of the older generation).

Leaving it until the end……

I tend to start my semester off with all great intentions – “this semester i will keep up with all tutorials, modules, meetings etc etc”  and I will start assignments early so that I am not stressed at the end………..

I love the way David has this subject laid out for us.  I love that when I complete a task it gets ticked off for me – one less thing for me to tick off.  But then the posts come through the forums of people asking about assignments, even before we have commenced work in the semester, and that makes me very confused.  I can’t get me head around an assignment until I really know what the examiner is asking.  And then, before I know it there is a week left and I haven’t started.  The biggest thing is to get my head around the assignment, then getting started.  Once started, I can power through it – as I have done the background work.  Phew!  It is so exhausting and stressful.  I read today of how Chelsea feels stressed at getting the end completed and I can totally relate. This one is massive, it is easy to understand because it is very relevant – all about our Prac, but still massive all the same 🙂  Keep working Chelsea, as I will, and hopefully we will get there 🙂

Thanks to David for a well structured subject.

End of Prac ….

Well, it has been a week since I finished my Professional Placement.  Like Denise I always find it sad to leave the children that I have got to know.  I have loved all of my placements.  Before this placement, I was able to meet my mentor and class and discover some of the class expectations.  This was fantastic, as I have never had this opportunity before.  Interestingly, on my visit, the teacher had another Prac student.  He allowed me the opportunity to speak with her as well.  I found it funny, that her opinion of the class was so different to what the teacher has expressed to me.  She found the class very difficult to work with and was glad to be finishing her time.  I was appreciative of having the opportunity to speak with her.  But I do like to make up my own mind about people.  So armed with her advice, I started my first day.  But I loved it.  So it is amazing for two Prac students to have such different experiences.  And I guess that is what it is all about.

During the three weeks, I have taught year 6 all of their Maths experiences, some English lessons, some History lessons, a couple of Geography sessions, umpired Touch Football (a new thing for me!) and even been involved with a WellBeing session that the school has in place for Year 6s where you have conversations about dating and the opposite sex (girls in one class, boys in the other).  My mentor teacher has worked me very hard – but I love it.  My husband is glad to have the glazed look out of my eyes.  I was up very late preparing for the next day.  One day I prepared and prepared and then arrived to class to have it wiped – and that is why teachers need to be flexible.  I was okay with that 🙂  It was still good to prepare the lesson, even though I didn’t get to deliver that one.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my Professional Placement I, like Tara, am glad to stop all of the last minute preparations that needs to happen when on Prac to have the lesson organised and well-planned.  And once this next assignment is finished i might get a little more sleep than usual.  Bring that on…………….




I have enjoyed the concept of blogging our experiences of our learning journey.   I stumbled across Lee’s blogspot.  From reading some of her blogs, I discovered Primary Tech and LOVED her pedagogical beliefs for teaching.   Here is a great saying from her site:

Teacher Posters-Teacher Posters - Inspirational Poster - If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow(http://www.poster-street.com/posters_inner/teacher-posters–inspirational-poster–if-we-teach-todays-students-as-we-taught-yesterdays_we-rob-them-of-tomorrow_84.html)

Also, this is a great video from Year 2 students explaining the benefits of blogging within the classroom.  They start everyday with 20 minutes of checking and writing blogs.  The teacher incorporates many different learning aspects into the experience (Literacy, Numeracy, Geography etc) .  These students have also learned a lot about Internet Safety, which is very prevalent in today’s society. Amazing!!!  This is so cool.  But I would love to see this in action first hand.  It is also great that parents can see what the children are up to 🙂

Happy blogging…….

Practical Placement ….

Well, now two weeks into Prac.  Loving every minute of it.  I was super nervous about having Year 6 (I don’t know why!), but I am loving it.

The hugest hurdle for me during this time, has been that I have HAD NO INTERNET AT HOME!!!!!  Now, this would be hard in today’s society any time.  But being a Uni student – Aargh!!, being on Prac preparing lessons Double Aargh!!, completing an ICT subject and expected to prepare lessons on Prac involving ICT – Triple Aargh!!!.  Not impressed Telstra!  Anyway, somehow I have survived, will pay big time because I used my phone so much instead on home computer.  Am super behind in ICT subject and other subject, but it is on now, finally.  Telstra sent me a new modem.  What a stressful week!

Anyway, back to Prac.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement. My mentor works me very hard, but involves me in everything, which is great because it is real.  I am loving it.   My mentor just happens to be the ICT specialist within the school I am placed at.  So this is interesting.  Every Wednesday, he has time away from his class to teach other classes (with their teacher) ICT.  This enables the class to learn ICT but also the teacher.  I was able to sit in on one of these lessons (Year 4) and they were learning Scratch.  This is super cool.  The Year 6’s have also been using Scratch and will complete an assessment on a maze game created through Scratch.

I also attended a seminar during the week (not to do with Prac), but at the seminar they discussed Makey Makey kits.  This was very interesting as well.

In my lessons, I have been able to show some Youtube clips, use the interactive boards, and learn so much how to teach whilst using ICT (either through the teacher or the students 🙂 ).

I hope everyone is enjoying their Pre-Service placement also.  I have a very busy teaching week to finish off my placement this coming week.  Here we go…………….